Personalizing Your Group's Page

Personalizing Your Group's Page


To view or modify the settings of your private group(s), please:
  1. Log in to the ReachWell Dashboard and navigate to Organizations > Groups. Here you will see any groups you are managing.
  2. If needed, use the Search option to locate a specific group.
  3. Click on the option corresponding to the group you would like to view or modify (i.e. Banner/Icon, About, Calendar or Contacts).

  1. Any selection will open the group's profile page where you can:
    1. Update the group's About section. Type in a description about your group, which will display in the group's page on the app.
    2. Upload a group icon. This image shows up in the group's profile, and as the icon next to any messages sent to the group. Click Browse file. Locate the image you would like to upload, and select Open.
    3. Associate an OutlookGoogle, Google Classroom or Schoology calendar with the group if applicable. This is a great way for contacts to keep up with classroom events and assignments.
  2. To update which contacts are associated to a group, notify a school/org admin. They will manage contact information in your organization's database.
  3. Select Submit.
Click here to subscribe to status updates through our ReachWell Academy channel on the app.

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