Viewing & Modifying a Group's Contacts

Viewing & Modifying a Group's Contacts


ReachWell groups are for messaging that should not go out to your entire school or organizational community. Groups provide the ability to send targeted announcements to contacts (i.e. families) that belongs to specific groups. This article provides instructions on how to view and edit contacts associated with a specific group.

Click HERE for details on the different types of ReachWell groups!


To view the contacts (i.e. families) associated with your group(s), navigate to your Dashboard > App Setup > Groups page. From there:
  1. Select the View option under the Contacts column.


  1. From the top search bar, select your desired group and then Search. All associated contacts for that group will populate. You can also view which contacts (i.e. families) have not been assigned to a group, by selecting No Group from the drop-down.

Which Contacts have verified with ReachWell? (First Class Only)

If you see a green check-mark under the Status column for a contact, this means their account is active. If you see a blue shield icon, this means they have verified with ReachWell using the verification code they were provided. If you see a grey shield, this means they have not yet verified.

Contact verification codes can be viewed in the column verify code to the right of edit.

Viewing or Modifying Contact Details

For ReachWell clients utilizing our First Class plan, contacts are populated from your student information system (SIS) via Clever, or by a CSV upload.  In cases where contacts are being synced to ReachWell by Clever, all contact data (besides their preferred language) will need to be updated in your SIS which will then update our database within 48 hours.  Contact languages can be modified in ReachWell and will impact any emails or text messages the contact receives from your organization. However, if the contact updates their ReachWell app with a new preferred language, this will supersede the language you have set in their profile page.

To view a contact's profile information, select the pencil icon under the Action column for that contact.  For detailed instructions on editing contacts, please visit THIS article.
Please note: Push notification languages will be based on the language each contact personally selects from their ReachWell app.
For additional questions, please reach out to We are happy to help!
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