Sending Regular Newsletters via Messages

Sending Regular Newsletters via Messages


Organizations can send email-style newsletters right from ReachWell as if they were coming from an email service provider.

Designing your Newsletter

Check out this video!

The integrated text editor has lots of design options; we've taken the step to provide a turnkey template to get started. This template is completely editable. Here's a preview:

To create a template follow these quick steps:
1. Open this file and copy all of the code. 
2. In the ReachWell dashboard go to the Send a Message screen
3. In the text editor click the "Insert Code" <> button.

4. Paste the copied code into the window and click "Save"
5. Edit the template with your own logos, colors, fonts, etc.

Use the Draft function to share the template with others and reuse your template in the future. 
1. Choose "Draft" instead of "Send" in the Send a Message screen.
2. From the "See all Messages > Drafts" window click the "Copy" icon to create a new message with all the template details. You may also use the edit icon to edit the draft; simply click "Draft" again to save the edited draft.

For additional questions, please reach out to We are happy to help! Click here to subscribe to status updates through our ReachWell Academy channel on the app.

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