Message Approval

Message Approval


An Org or School admin can review another admin's (drafter) announcements prior to it being delivered.  Enable coaches, boosters, PTA/O's to draft messages and only have them sent by a staff admin.  Provide families and all admins the ability to send announcements on ReachWell while controlling the message and family privacy.


Set up the Drafter Group

  1. Login to your Dashboard.
  2. Click Here or Navigate to App SetupGroups and Click Add New Group
  3. Add a "Group Name" , Set Visibility to "Private" and Select the Org or School to associate with this group.  Click "Submit"

2. Add the Drafter Admin Who will be Composing the Announcements (not approving them)

  1. From the groups' page, click on the Update button under the About column
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click Add a New Admin
  4. Add the required fields (email, first and last name, and state)
  5. Under Assign Groups add the group you made
  6. Turn off chat

3. Add (or Associate) the approving Admin

    1. Navigate to People > Contacts
    2. Search for contact profile of the admin who is the approver
    3. Scroll down to groups and Add the Contact to the Drafter group
    4. Click Save 

    The approving admin will now receive a notification and email each time a new draft is sent.

    Make sure you are adding the contact profile of the school admin, not the admin profile.

    Create and Approve Announcements

    Drafter Creates and Sends an Announcement

    The drafter logs into the ReachWell dashboard and creates and sends their announcement as an App Notification and Email to their group.

    2. Approver is Notified to Edit and Send the Announcement

    1. The approver is notified on their ReachWell app and email that the drafter sent them an announcements for approval.
    2. The approver logs into their ReachWell dashboard and navigates to their All Announcements screen (Messages > All Announcements)
    3. The approver identifies the announcement to be approved and clicks the "edit" pencil icon.
    4. The approver removes the recipient (drafter's group) and chooses the appropriate community (District/Network, School/Org or Group).
    5. (Optional) The approver makes modifications to the announcement content
    6. The approver Sends the announcements.

    Community receives and replies

    Your community is notified on their app in their language.

    In addition, if the message is sent as an email the community can REPLY to the email and be in direct 1:1 contact with the drafter!

    For additional questions, please reach out to We are happy to help! Click here to subscribe to status updates through our ReachWell Academy channel on the app.
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