Inviting Group Contacts on the App

Inviting Group Contacts on the App

Send Email or SMS to Unverified Families

To send an invitation requesting that your group's contacts verify on the ReachWell app and join your school or organization, please:
  1. Navigate to your Dashboard > People > Contacts page. 
  2. Click the button Select All 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select Choose a Bulk Action.
  4. Select Send Text Invites to Unverified Contacts and then Go.
  5. Select Yes to confirm. This will send a text to the selected contacts with their verification codes.
  6. To send an email, scroll to the bottom of the page to select Choose a Bulk Action.
  7. Select Send Email Invites to Unverified Contacts and then Go.
  8. Select Yes to confirm. This will send an email to the selected contacts with their verification codes.
Please Note: Contacts that are already verified will not receive an invitation. Only contacts that have not verified will receive an invitation with their verification code.

Here's a preview of how the text will appear where "Community High School" is your organization's name.

This is a preview of the email that will be sent to unverified contacts.

Downloading a File of Contact's Verification Codes

To download the file with every contact’s code:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard > People > Contacts page. 
  2. Click the Select All button
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Export Contacts as a CSV File
  4. Select Go, and your computer will download a CSV file with all of your contact’s information
In the file, you’ll see the contact’s name, their email, phone number, and code, and whether or not they are verified on the app. You can also see the language they are getting their messages in, and if they have opted out of certain communication methods, like email or text messages.

About Contacts and Students in ReachWell

Contacts are the individuals who you will communicate to in your group. For schools, contacts are the parents or guardians of students. ReachWell does not sync with other contact profiles, like Aunts, Uncles, or Emergency Contacts, unless they are also listed as a guardian.

For schools, ReachWell syncs students to make it easier to identify their associated contacts. ReachWell is not designed to communicate directly with students. Instead, student profiles are connected to a contact, to make it easier to start a chat with a contact via the students' name.

Click here to subscribe to status updates through our ReachWell channel on the app.

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