Chatting with Group Contacts

Chatting with Group Contacts


Group Admins can initiate instant chats to a one or multiple contacts associated with their groups. Group Admins can only chat with contacts that have verified on the ReachWell app. This also provides the ability for contacts to respond directly to chats.

Please Note: Our chat feature is FERPA compliant but not HIPPA compliant. We advise nurses, school counselors, or any other specialist with medical information about students to turn off chat. 


To send a chat:
  1. Navigate to your ReachWell Dashboard. All of your previous chats will be listed here.
  2. Select Messages from the main navigation bar, and then Chats.

Please note: Organization Admins (Org Admins) and School Admins are able to view individual chats sent between Group Admins and their group's contacts.

  1. Select Send a New Chat.
  2. Select your group if you would like all contacts associated with the group to receive the chat.
    1. Depending on who you would like to send the chat to:
      1. If your organization uses Clever to import students to ReachWell, you can choose to send the chat to contacts by selecting their associated student.
      2. Or, select just the specific contacts you would like to send the chat to. Only verified contacts will be available on this list. 
    1. Enter the content of your chat utilizing the variety of features available (e.g. attaching an image, inserting a file attachment, adding emojis, etc.).
    2. Select Send to send the chat. Please note, hitting the Enter key will also send the chat! Select Shift Enter to start a new line!
    3. Contacts will see the chat in their selected language in the ReachWell app.

    Including Multiple Contacts When Initiating a Chat

    Group Admins can choose to send a chat to a single contact or to multiple contacts. In any case, chats are sent as individual threads to the contact(s) so it does not appear to them as if it was a group chat. A chat sent to multiple contacts will display in their ReachWell app as a one-to-one conversation. Contacts will not know you sent the same chat to other contacts.
      1. All associated contacts are "BCC'ed" on chats. This means, if a contact responds, the other contacts from your organization who were included in the chat do not see their reply. Chat messages are private between the Group Admin and the contact, and vice versa.
      2. Chat messages can be viewed by higher-level organization admins for additional oversight, but those admins are not CC'ed on the chats.
      3. Group Admins do not need to regularly check their ReachWell Dashboard for new chats. Every hour, an updated summary of unread messages will be sent to your email inbox.

      Language Translation

      Contacts will receive chats and messages in their selected language. When a contact sends a chat to an admin in their preferred language, the chat can be translated to English by the admin if they utilize the language translation button from their ReachWell Dashboard > Messages > Chats page.

      Why can't I see chats on the app?

      The ReachWell app that is downloaded from the app store is the contact-facing (i.e. family-facing) view of ReachWell. The ReachWell Dashboard that is opened using a web browser is the staff and admin-facing view. Your chats will display in your ReachWell Dashboard > Messages > One to One Chats page. However, contacts will see your chats and messages as push notifications on their individual mobile devices in their ReachWell app.

      Group Admins View

      Contact's View

      Group Admins can export their chat data from the ReachWell Dashboard > Messages > One to One Chats page by selecting the Export Data option.

      Click here to subscribe to status updates through our ReachWell Academy channel on the app.

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