Invite Contacts - Text and Email Verification Codes - First Class Plan

Invite Contacts - Text and Email Verification Codes - First Class Plan


Once the initial announcement has been sent to contacts letting them know about ReachWell per THIS article, you will then send your contacts (i.e. families) their official text invites with their verification codes. 
For instructions on how to remind contacts to verify on the ReachWell app after you've sent the initial invite email and/or text please visit THIS article!


To begin, please view this brief video or review the instructions below.

This section provides detailed steps for sending out bulk emails and texts to your contacts inviting them to ReachWell. These communications will include their personal verification codes. 
  1. Navigate to your Dashboard > People > Contacts page. 
  2. Select your school and then Search.
  3. Select the Select all option to select all contacts across all pages.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select Choose a Bulk Action.
  5. Select Send SMS Invite to Unverified Contacts or Send Email Invite to Unverified Contacts and then Go.
  6. Select Yes to confirm.
  7. This will send a text or email to all unverified contacts with their ReachWell verification codes.
    1. Contacts that have verified will not get a text message or email, even if they are selected.
Here's a preview of how the text will appear where "Community High School" is your organization's name.

Here is a sample email with instructions to download the app and the contacts verification code. 

Please note: If you prefer to customize the content of your messages, you can do so by sending messages via your ReachWell Dashboard > Messages > Create Annoucement page; however, personal verification codes will not be included in those messages, and the text will go to all contacts, both verified and unverified.
For additional questions, please reach out to We are happy to help! 
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