Overview: First Class Plan

Overview: First Class Plan


ReachWell offers three plan options to organizations; First Class, Economy, and Free Forever. This article details the options provided to our First Class clients.
For more information about the various ReachWell plans, please click HERE!

Available Features

Email, Text, App & Voice Messages  
  1. Translation: Contacts and families who download the ReachWell app have the ability to update their language preferences in order that announcements from your organization are translated into their preferred language.  
  2. Messaging features: First Class organizations are provided with all standard messaging capabilities, plus the email, text and call features. Click HERE for details.
  3. Instant Chats: For organizations utilizing our First Class plan, admins can initiate direct messages and individual chats to contacts or groups of contacts (i.e. families). This also provides the ability for contacts to respond directly to chats. Click HERE for details.
Contacts (i.e. families)
  1. Clever Sync:
    1. Contacts can be "synced" to ReachWell nightly from your student information system (SIS) via a third party called Clever. This allows you to utilize private groups, 1:1 chats, plus call, text & email messaging features with ease. Click HERE for details.
    2. Contacts can be easily assigned to specific groups based on student sections (i.e. classes, courses) in your SIS. Sections can be associated with groups in ReachWell so that, if a section changes (e.g. a student leaves a class, new students join a class, etc.), the ReachWell group will be dynamically updated accordingly so no manual updates are needed.
  2. CSV Upload: Organizations who do not use Clever can sync contacts to ReachWell by uploading a CSV file. Click HERE for details.
ReachWell App Customizations:
  1. Banners: Banners allow admins to customize and personalize their organization's ReachWell homepage! Banners display at the top of the app for your contacts (i.e. families).  Click HERE for details.
  2. Academic Tools & Social Assistance Resources: Resources in ReachWell encompass a wealth of family resources which might include information about food service/lunch menus, after-school activities, college & career readiness resources, and attendance information. Click HERE for details.
  3. Forms: Forms are a great way to interact with your contacts (i.e. families) while providing an efficient, digitized way for them to send you the information you need. Forms can include surveys, field trip permission slips, parent/teacher conference information, feedback forms, and more! Click HERE for details.
  4. Calendars
    1. Organization-wide calendars: Sync your organization-wide Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to ReachWell in order to share events with contacts and families. Click HERE for details on syncing a Google Calendar to your public group, and HERE for syncing an Outlook Calendar.
    2. Group CalendarsGoogle and Outlook calendars can also be synced to specific groups!
  5. Unlimited Users: There is no limit to how many users can download the ReachWell app and join your organization.
Unlimited Admins
  1. Admins: Economy clients can add unlimited admins to ReachWell in order that they can help manage the Dashboard. For example, creating push notification messages, updating banners and calendars, and managing resources.
  1. Public Groups: Create various public groups that your contacts and families can participate in by:
    1. Joining the group themselves from their ReachWell app by selecting the groups icon to the right of the + sign icon.
    2. Or, by you assigning the group to contacts who've downloaded the ReachWell app to their device and have selected your school or organization.
  2. Private Groups: ReachWell private groups are for messaging that should not go out to your entire school or organizational community. Private groups provide the ability to send targeted messages to contacts (i.e. families) that belong to specific groups. For example, you can send out announcements to contacts for students that belong to a specific grade, class or athletic team. Click HERE for details.
Unlimited Support & Training
  1. ReachWell Support: 
    1. Unlimited email and online chat support
    2. Role-specific knowledge base of articles available in our online Help Center
  2. Ongoing Training support:  
    1. Implementation & Launch Video Conference Calls
    2. Free ReachWell Academy to quickly and efficiently enable your Group Admins for success at their own pace
    3. Additional support training calls later in the year to continue supporting ReachWell's effectiveness at your organization
For additional questions, please reach out to support@reachwellapp.org. We are happy to help! Click here to subscribe to status updates through our ReachWell channel on the app.

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